Bidding Info

Bridge Rebar Installation Valparaiso IndianaBelow is a list of the current projects we are bidding. We are always looking for new suppliers and subcontractors to quote our work. We are also looking for Disadvantage Businesses Enterprise companies to quote our work. Most of our project have some DBE goals that we have to meet.

The contract information for the INDOT projects; including plans, specifications, revisions, etc; can be found on their website at

Quotes can be faxed to 219-324-9762 or emailed to Please provide your quotes with adequate time for review and inclusion into our bid.

Please review the list of projects below:

INDOT Letting: December 9, 2020  10:00 A.M. EST
Quotes Due: December 8, 2020   Noon CST
Bidding as Prime Contractor


Call                  Contract No.              County                                     Description

675*                 B-41201-A               LaPorte                                   Bridge Deck Overlay(s)                                                            

680                   B-41209-A                St. Joseph                             Bridge Deck Overlay(s) & Painting(s), US 20-SR23-US31  

690                   B-41215-A                Marshall                                 Bridge Deck Overlays(s), US 31 - Various                        

700                   B-42014-A                LaPorte                                  Bridge Deck Overlay & Painting(s), US 421 – SR 2 – US 30 

650                   B-41082-A                Kosciusko                              Bridge Replacement SR 13 over Plunge Cr. SR15 over Eagle      

730                   B-42960-A                LaPorte                                  Bridge Overlay US 20 over Salt Cr. & Trail Cr.                                




Bidding as Subcontractor on just the Bridge Work

Call                  Contract No.              County                                     Description

140                   R-39576-A                Porter                                       Bridge Deck Overlay – SR 2 over Salt Creek                                

250                   R-41331-A                St. Joseph                                Small Str Replacement north of SR 4 on SR 931                          

110                   R-37496-A                St. Joseph                                 Travel Lanes and Bridge Replacement                                         

240                   R-41216-A                Marshall                                    Asphalt Resurf., Overlay, & Painting